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You might have heard about Linux before, but you don’t know that much about it in order to make the switch with assurance. There are some benefits to switching over to it, but there are a lot of things that you should know about it first. One of the most useful things that you should do then is to compare it with the more common operating systems that are in use today. Thanks to WebQ, we were able to speak to a number of computer technicians to find out what they think.

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Linux vs Windows

Windows is the most common type of operating system that is available. There are many versions of the Windows OS that are out now.  One of the first differences that you would notice between Windows and Linux is the cost of getting it. Most version of Linux that are currently available as free downloads. You don’t have to pay for anything when you download it and use it.

When it comes to ease of use, Windows would score better over Linux, simply because most people are familiar with it. Most offices, schools and homes still use Windows based computers – this can make it more practical from a computer technician point of view because of networking. But Linux isn’t too far behind; there have been some advances when it comes to the ease of use for this OS.

If reliability is your concern then Linux should be your choice. It is known for this quality and it can be used for years without ever having to be rebooted at all. Windows is also making great strides when it comes to reliability. When it comes to the number of software and applications that can be used by Linux, it would lag behind Windows. The good news is that most of the software that can be used for Linux is available for free, like the OS itself. For Windows, while there are some free software for it, most of the time you would have to but it.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Linux over Windows is security. It is a very secure system.

Linux vs MacOS

Though MacOS is still not as common as Windows, the number of those who use it is still greater than those who use Linux.  While MacOS is better than Windows when it comes to security, it is left behind on that aspect when compared to Linux. Linux is also way better than MacOS when it comes to customization. You can do things with it on your computer than you can only dream of when you are using the MacOS.

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