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Have you heard about Linux and are you interested in it? There are many advantages to using Linux instead of the more traditional operating systems that are around, but you have to fully understand what switching to it entails. Also there are a lot of things about Linux that you would have to learn first before making a full switch to it.

Linux Tips and Training

It would be best if you would undergo some form of training first with the use of Linux before you convert your computer to this OS. There can be a huge difference especially since this sort of system uses a command type of interface mostly. That is one of the biggest difference that it has against those that utilizes a GUI or graphic user interface.

Here are some useful tips that beginners might find to be useful:

Knowing about Distribution

The first thing to know about Linux is that it is not sold in one package like Windows. There are many versions of Linux that you can download and these versions were worked on by different people. Some of these versions are specific to certain types of hardware. Each version that is available is known as a distribution.

You have to keep in mind that each distribution would have different set of applications that goes with it. Not all apps would also work with each distribution. Even the way that sound is played might be difference with each distribution. If you are looking for a distribution that would present fewer problems as you figure out how things work then Ubuntu is your best bet.

You should decide first on the distribution that you would like to try. Once you have made your pick you can then download and burn that into a CD. You can then use the file on the disc to try a live version. That means booting from a disc and trying out the OS without having to make any changes to your computer.

Keep in mind that a live version would be very limited so don’t dismiss it right away. Do some research first and find out if there is anything that you can do to improve it.if you have done OS installation on your computer in the past then installing Linux would not be so hard. If it’s your first time, don’t be overwhelmed, there are many sources of information for that.

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