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You might have heard about Linux before, but you don’t know that much about it in order to make the switch with assurance. There are some benefits to switching over to it, but there are a lot of things that you should know about it first. One of the most useful things that you should do then is to compare it with the more common operating systems that are in use today. Thanks to WebQ, we were able to speak to a number of computer technicians to find out what they think.

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Linux vs Windows

Windows is the most common type of operating system that is available. There are many versions of the Windows OS that are out now.  One of the first differences that you would notice between Windows and Linux is the cost of getting it. Most version of Linux that are currently available as free downloads. You don’t have to pay for anything when you download it and use it.

When it comes to ease of use, Windows would score better over Linux, simply because most people are familiar with it. Most offices, schools and homes still use Windows based computers – this can make it more practical from a computer technician point of view because of networking. But Linux isn’t too far behind; there have been some advances when it comes to the ease of use for this OS.

If reliability is your concern then Linux should be your choice. It is known for this quality and it can be used for years without ever having to be rebooted at all. Windows is also making great strides when it comes to reliability. When it comes to the number of software and applications that can be used by Linux, it would lag behind Windows. The good news is that most of the software that can be used for Linux is available for free, like the OS itself. For Windows, while there are some free software for it, most of the time you would have to but it.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Linux over Windows is security. It is a very secure system.

Linux vs MacOS

Though MacOS is still not as common as Windows, the number of those who use it is still greater than those who use Linux.  While MacOS is better than Windows when it comes to security, it is left behind on that aspect when compared to Linux. Linux is also way better than MacOS when it comes to customization. You can do things with it on your computer than you can only dream of when you are using the MacOS.

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You might have heard a lot of good things about using a Linux operating system and you want to try it out. There are really a lot of good points about it but it would help if you were to conduct more research on what it can and cannot do for you.

How to Install Linux on a Windows Computer

The first challenge that you have to face when you want to make the switch to Linux from Windows is how you can install it on your unit. Don’t worry that it would be too technical for you. While some technical knowledge would go a long way, it does not require that you be a computer genius in order to install the Linux OS on a computer that came along with Windows in it.

You can try two methods of using Linux on your Windows PC. The first one is to install on your computer alongside the Windows OS. Your computer would allow that and you can just pick which operating system to run each time that you open up your computer.  The other option is for you to run it virtually. That means you would not be making any changes to the current setup of the computer.

If you are just starting out and you are completely unfamiliar with Linux then it would be better for you to opt to run it virtually. That would make it risk free for you.  But if you are familiar with how the OS works then you should try to install it alongside Windows so that the full resource of the computer would be made available to you.

Testing Linux as a Web App

Perhaps the best way that you can test if Linux is for you is by running it as a Web App.  All you have to do is go to dubuntu.org, provide some information and then you can start running Linux inside your browser. You can use almost all of the resources that would be available to you once you have the full version. The only down side to that is that the session would only last for a few hours.  So you would have to decide within that time whether you want to use it in full or not.

These are just some of the options that are open to you when you want to install Linux on your Windows computer.

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Are you thinking of switching over to Linux or have you made that switch already? Either way it is a must that you should some basic information about this operating system so that you can use it in the best way you can. Obviously that kind of information is something that cannot be conveyed on a single article. Learning the basics of an operating system that is mostly unfamiliar would require a great deal more information.

Understanding Linux

The first thing that you have to understand is that Linux is an operating system.  An operating system is a program that permits you to interact with the computer and all the other programs and the hardware that are hooked up with it. In other words it is the program that lets you use the computer.  Without it your computer would be useless to you.

There are two types of operating systems in the world the one uses GUI or graphic user interface and the other one uses command-line. Windows is a GUI operating system. You can communicate with the computer using pictures and symbols that are on the screen. A command-line of operating system is DOS where you would be typing in certain commands and the computer would react to those commands.

Linux is a mix between the two types. You can use GUI features but also type in commands. Graphic user interface is a lot easier and simpler, but command-line makes it more flexible and it would allow you to do a lot more with the computer. Of course it takes a lot more information and knowledge for you to use command-line OS.

Using Linux has many advantages. For one thing Linux is very flexible. It can be installed in all kinds of computers from desktops to mainframes.  Another great advantage of Linux is that it is very reliable. It has a lot less down time than Windows so that means it would require far less time for maintenance. That also means you would have fewer worries.

Another huge advantage of Linux over Windows is that it has far more security features. That means you have fewer worries when it comes to security related issues which is a major problem for Windows. It also has a far stronger processing power which makes you do things a lot faster.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind in connection with using Linux.

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Professionals and other technically proficient people have long been singing praises for Linux. They claim that it allows them to do a lot more than other operating systems that are currently available. While that might be true it has still lagged behind Windows and even the Mac OS in the number of users simply because it has not been picked up commercially. It has remained in the realm of tech savvy users. That is unfortunate since Linux does have some very unique features to it. One area where it allows you to do a lot more is web design. Most web designers are reliant on programs that are based on Windows but there are some very good programs that are specifically meant for the Linux platform as well.


To help you in exploring what you can do with web design for Linux here are some of the best programs that you can use for that OS in creating, designing and maintaining websites.

Komodo Edit

Considered by many to be the best editor that is available for Linux, it has many features that can be used for both CSS and HTML.  One of the best things about it is that it is available for free.

Aptana Studio

If you would like to try a different approach when it comes to web design and web development then Aptana Studio is a good option. Instead of being focused on HTML, this program is more focused on JavaScript and other features that would allow you to create excellent applications for the internet. It also has a great feature called the outline view which allows you to see how your site would look like while you are still creating it.


This is a text page editor and can also be used as an XML editor.  The best thing about it is that it can handle a lot of languages and doctypes.


Bluefish is a web editor that has been made specifically for Linux. Keep in mind though that it is mostly a code editor so if you only work with HTML, then you might not want to use it. But if you are using other languages then this is a good tool to have.

These are just a few of the web designing programs that you can use for Linux. There are even more programs that are available in the market. You can  choose the one that would fit specifically what it is that you need.

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Have you heard about Linux and are you interested in it? There are many advantages to using Linux instead of the more traditional operating systems that are around, but you have to fully understand what switching to it entails. Also there are a lot of things about Linux that you would have to learn first before making a full switch to it.

Linux Tips and Training

It would be best if you would undergo some form of training first with the use of Linux before you convert your computer to this OS. There can be a huge difference especially since this sort of system uses a command type of interface mostly. That is one of the biggest difference that it has against those that utilizes a GUI or graphic user interface.

Here are some useful tips that beginners might find to be useful:

Knowing about Distribution

The first thing to know about Linux is that it is not sold in one package like Windows. There are many versions of Linux that you can download and these versions were worked on by different people. Some of these versions are specific to certain types of hardware. Each version that is available is known as a distribution.

You have to keep in mind that each distribution would have different set of applications that goes with it. Not all apps would also work with each distribution. Even the way that sound is played might be difference with each distribution. If you are looking for a distribution that would present fewer problems as you figure out how things work then Ubuntu is your best bet.

You should decide first on the distribution that you would like to try. Once you have made your pick you can then download and burn that into a CD. You can then use the file on the disc to try a live version. That means booting from a disc and trying out the OS without having to make any changes to your computer.

Keep in mind that a live version would be very limited so don’t dismiss it right away. Do some research first and find out if there is anything that you can do to improve it.if you have done OS installation on your computer in the past then installing Linux would not be so hard. If it’s your first time, don’t be overwhelmed, there are many sources of information for that.